• Just vacuum.

    vac-in hose depot

  • Modern and creative

    Hose depot inside the wall

  • Everything near

    with the vac-in hose depot

  • Simple. Central. Vacuum.

  • Just vacuum.

    a product of zentorga

Experience the vac-in hose depot. The new art to vacuum. A must have in combination with central vacuum systems!

Discover vac-in

Easy use the hose depot for your central vacuum system.

vac-in. The hose depot

Convinced by comfort, simplicity and the easy stow of the hose...

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Stow the central vacuum hose easy in the wall

We recommend to place the vac-in hose depot in the center of the living area.

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Always next to you

vac-in. The hose depot - patented solution

Dont waste time with your old vacuum. With vac-in all you need ist stew in the wall. The hose is up to 15 Meter long.

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A universal vacuum nozzle is placed in the grip

vac-in. The hose depot - patented solution

Nothing is easier and more convenient.

vac-in hose depot - unbeatable!

We are always looking for new ideas...

Timeless design

The design was selected to be extra timelessly modern and small.

Worldwide unique

vac-in. The hose depot - worldwide unique and patented.

Always next to you

The hose depot in the living area ist always next to you.

Accessories always there

Useful vacuum cleaner accessories integrated in the handgrip

The minor things must work easily and quickly
G. Gahleitner, CEO Zentorga

Planning and installation

Our consultants will support you to plan the perfect central vacuum system for your home


Central vacuum cleaning systems

Think already now about the benefits of a new central vacuum cleaning system:

  • No dust in the air
  • No noise
  • No dust bag change
  • No loss of energy
  • No bad smell
  • Simply stronger

vac-in. The hose depot

The patented vac-in hose depot let the hose dissapear inside the wall in your living area. The vacuum accessories are also placed in the walldepot

  • Timeless, modern design
  • Always next to you
  • No more heavy carrying
  • Brings the hose automatically inside the wall

Planning and installation

Click to see more pictures about the planning and installation...

Makes life simple - vac-in. Hose depot
Ewald Ortner, CEO Zentorga

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